Award-Winning Video Production

Award-Winning Video and ANIMATION

Thomas Verdi produces films and videos for a variety of audiences. He can shoot corporate B-roll, interviews, lifestyle videos, fundraising videos, and more. Video represents an important part of a cohesive content strategy. Watch some of his work below, and view his full video portfolio website here.

ClientS and companies

Main Line Health, TAV Films, Forge Apollo, Arctic Buzz, Castle Windows, Pace Windows, Soft-Lite Windows

relevant Skills

Writing, Producing, Editing, Cinematography/Videography, Audio Recording and Mixing, Sound Design


Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Canon, Sony, Blackmagic, Various DAWs (ProTools, PreSonus), Open Broadcaster Studio, Google Drive, MovieMagic Budgeting, StudioBinder, Final Draft

Some video content produced for Forge Apollo.

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